Using Your Request Form

Check out our video guide for ideas for sharing your request form link.

How do I market the fact that my customers can now request my product?

Your website is the best tool for capturing requests, but if you want to do more, there are other mediums you can promote your links on. Facebook posts and Instagram swipe-up stories work well, and you can directly link the appropriate form to track click-throughs. If you have an email list, we have seen brands have a lot of success, including WeStock links in their monthly newsletter. You can also turn your forms into QR codes for real-time events like trade shows and demos.

Where should I put the form on my website?
Your product request form should go on your store locator page. There should be a clear call to action button so the customers know what it is for. Appropriate calls to action include "Request Our Product Here" and "Request ______ At Your Favourite Store.”

How frequently should I market my forms?
Most of our highly requested brands promote their forms 1-2 times a month on their social media channels or newsletters.

I changed the image for my form header or logo, and it is not changing.
If you have recently changed any images for customizing your form and do not see the changes, your browser is most likely caching it. A quick way to check is to open the form in incognito mode or clear your browser cache.
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