How To Create Links and QR Codes for your WeStock Forms

Get granular with your data capture by creating custom links for each of your data sources!

Learn where to create a custom link for each of your platforms and placements so you can understand your audience’s engagement with your marketing, and make updates to your content without having to change URLs or QR codes. WeStock’s new link manager allows you to create redirectable links and QR codes that track clicks, scans, UTM parameters, and more.

Here’s how you can create these links to your WeStock forms as well as external URLs.

Steps :

1) In your WeStock Dashboard, navigate to the Forms tab.

2) Select “Links” from the left side menu

3) Click the “+ Create” button.

4) Set up the link.

Fill out the form:
  • Active: Automatically toggled on. If active, the link or QR code will direct the user to the form.
    • When toggled off, the link will show the message “Inactive link.”
      • We recommend toggling SMS landing pages “Off” when your campaign ends to prevent customers from signing up for an offer that is no longer available.
  • Type: Choose the type of link. Note: if you recently created a form and it does not appear in the dropdown menu, try refreshing the page. This will update the list in the dropdown menu and the form will appear.
    • Custom: Want to track clicks or create a QR code to any webpage? Use the Custom link type to monitor external links you want to track engagement with.
      • Destination: Enter the URL for the page you want to track

    • SMS landing page: this will generate a link to a WeStock text rebate page
      • SMS landing page: Select one of your SMS campaign landing pages from the dropdown

    • Feedback form: this will generate a link to a WeStock Feedback form
      • Feedback form: Select one of your Feedback forms from the dropdown

    • Request form: this will generate a link to your Request form

  • Title: Add a familiar name for internal reference

Optional toggles:
  • Add UTM Parameters to track web traffic in analytics tools
    • Toggle ON to add the following parameters:
      • Source (*required)
      • Medium (*required)
      • Campaign
      • Term
      • Content

  • Generate a QR Code to share anywhere people can scan it
    • Toggle ON to create a customizable QR. Note: the QR code displayed on the menu is a style preview and is NOT an active QR.
      • Image URL: To add an image to the center of the QR, enter the image URL
      • Dots color: Add the RGB, HSL, or HEX color code to customize the color
        • Use the arrows next to the field labels to change the color code type
        • image.png

      • Dots type: Change the style of the QR code

5) Click “Submit”.

6) Share the link and/or QR code with your customers.

On the Organization Links page:
  • Click the “Copy” icon next to the URL
  • To download the QR code as a .png image:
    • Click the [...] menu to the right of the QR code
    • Select “Download QR” from the menu

For more information on link metrics, check out our How To View Engagement Metric for WeStock Links guide.

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