Use Rebate Campaigns to Build and Activate Your Audience

Introduction :

Rebates give you an instant, direct line to your customers. Create promotions to engage your audience, drive trials, capture valuable post-purchase feedback, or award loyalty points to your customers for their purchases while driving incremental sales.
We don't want to boost your short-term sales through customers just looking for a deal. Those are not repeat customers. We focus on engaging your audience and finding non-price-sensitive customers who will repeat buy without an offer.
Traditional promotions lead to larger one-time boosts in sales, and then your team hopes for a trailing lift from repeat buyers. The issue is that these promotions often target price-sensitive consumers who will not re-buy. Text rebates through WeStock enable you to focus on LTV for non-price-sensitive consumers who will continue repurchasing well after the initial promotion. There is more value in 1 consumer who buys your product consistently than ten who buy it once.
Check out our case study on how Baozza used a WeStock Rebate promotion to drive trial and collect insights at Walmart below.

Build Your Audience

1. Leverage your WeStock email audience.

  • Every time you share your product request form, you capture customers to whom you can send promotions based on their requested store and zip code. The more you share your form, the more of your audience you can reach with your Rebate.

2. Import your own contacts.

  • You can now upload your existing customer lists to your dashboard.

Follow these instructions - Link to Audience Category

3. Use paid social ads to reach your target customer.

  • Here’s how our ads expert recommends setting up your Facebook and Instagram ads to reach the customers you want to capture.

Launch Your Rebate Campaign

1. Start with submitting a Rebate Campaign Builder form.

Here you’ll tell us:
  • The keyword(s) your customer should text us to receive your promotion. This should be a short, unique word.
  • The type of campaign you want to create:
    • Ongoing: This will allow customers to opt-in to store-level announcements, a loyalty program, or other campaigns that do not expire.
    • Limited time: This campaign type has a defined start and end date during which customers can purchase your product, upload their receipts, and receive a reimbursement for their purchase via PayPal or Venmo.

Note : WeStock will coordinate reimbursement on behalf of your brand and provide a monthly invoice throughout the campaign.

  • (Optional) Your Meta pixel ID. If using a landing page, we can add your pixel so you can track campaign analytics for page views, view content, complete registration, or lead events that fire upon form submission.

2. Tell us more about your campaign details.

  • Your in-store SRP.
  • The retailer(s) or region you want to drive your audience to.
    • These are the criteria that purchases will need to meet. We’ll check receipts and reimburse customers whose purchases meet this criteria.
  • Your promo offer.
    • We will send this amount to customers after verifying their purchase. Make sure to specify if the offer is only valid on specific products.
  • Your total redemption spend budget for this campaign.
    • This is the maximum amount we will send to customers with valid receipts.
  • The start date for your campaign.
    • This is the date we will send the campaign to customers and begin to accept receipt submissions.
  • The end date for your campaign.
    • This is the last date we will accept receipt submissions.
  • If you run paid media before the campaign to increase your activatable audience,
    • This is a great way to capture new customers who shop at the retailer you’re trying to drive traffic to. We’ll even send you a copy of your ad and an image to help build your ad.
    • Using paid ads to get in front of these shoppers so they request your product (therefore joining your WeStock audience) will maximize the reach of your Rebate campaign. These paid media campaigns should run to completion before your Rebate campaign start date, these customers are included when we create your target audience.
  • The post-purchase feedback questions you want to ask customers who redeem your offer.
    • We will send these questions to shoppers who purchased your product in a secondary campaign. Hence, you can ask verified customers what they think about your product, their shopping experience at your retail partner, and any other questions you’d want to know from someone who has tried your products before.
    • Examples:
      • Is this your first time purchasing [brand]?
      • What is your favorite flavor from [product]?
      • What will you make with [product]?
        • What did you like most about our product compared to other [product type]?
        • Where did you hear about this deal? Instagram, TiKTok, Other
        • How likely are you to now purchase [product] at retail price?

Example : Extremely Likely, Likely, Neutral, Unlikely, Extremely Unlikely

        • How likely are you to buy [brand] again?

3. Share the campaign with your audience. To create a link to your landing page that tracks clicks and conversions, check out our guide HERE.

  • Share via website.

  • Share via email. To create a link to your landing page that tracks clicks and conversions, check out our guide HERE.

    • hiyo


  • Share on social. To create a link to your landing page that tracks clicks and conversions, check out our guide HERE.
    • Baozza


    • Brekki


  • Walker Brothers


  • Boost an in-store demo with a Rebate campaign to maximize your trade spend.
    • Toma
    • image.png


Writing on the Sign:

Now Available in Whole Foods

OFFER: Buy 1 Bottle, Get 1 Free!

Text “TOMA” to [phone number] to redeem.

  • Place it in front of shoppers with a shelf talker. Create a QR code for your campaign landing page that tracks scans and conversions by following our guide HERE.
    • Toma


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