Why didn’t I receive the enrollment text and/or email?

  • The email was sent to your Spam or Junk folder.
    • Make sure you check these folders for a message from admin@westock.io.
    • To improve deliverability, add admin@westock.io to your contacts so future messages go straight to your inbox.

  • Your phone number or email address has already been enrolled in this campaign.
    • The same phone number and/or email address cannot sign up for the same offer more than once.

  • You unsubscribed from receiving text messages from WeStock.
    • To subscribe: Text START to 1-888-297-1801

  • Your cellular service carrier blocked the message from being sent.
    • If a message is blocked, we are unable to resend the enrollment message via text.
    • Instead, check your email for the enrolment message.

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