How To Set Up Your Products

Check out our two video guides to setting up and modifying your products.

Steps To Set Up Your Products :

1) From your dashboard , visit the Form tab and choose “Edit Products” from the left side menu.
2) Click the “ADD” button under “Manage Products” to add a new product.
3) Fill out the “Add A New Product” menu for your first product.

Common Terms :

  1. Categories: The category a retail buyer would use to classify your product. Multiple categories can be selected.
  2. Sub-Categories: The specific type of product you are setting up. Think of it like the aisle of the store you might find the item. Multiple sub-categories can be selected.
  3. Product Name: The variety or flavour of your product.
  4. Descriptor: The specific type of product. On your form, this will be added after the Product Name. Example: if you have a cookie brand, make the Product Name “Chocolate Chip”, and the Descriptor “Cookie”. Your product will be listed on the request form as “Chocolate Chip Cookie”.
  5. Description: A 1-2 sentence description of your product.
  6. Ingredients: The list of ingredients on the product’s packaging.
  7. Tags: These are attributes of products that help customers discover products that have specific features. Select as many tags as are relevant to your product.
  8. Active: Products listed as “Active” will be displayed on your request form. Select “Disabled” for products that have been discontinued, or if you want to activate the product in the future.
  9. Product Image: An image of your product. This will be displayed on your printable request form and WeStock’s app.

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