How To Capture Customer Feedback

Connect with your shoppers using feedback forms to get to know your audience even better, both online and at in-person events.

You can :

  • Gather feedback on your products.
  • Reply to comments or questions.
  • Provide your team with the information they need to best serve your customer. Add it to your post-purchase communications so shoppers can share their thoughts.

To Create A Custom Feedback Form:

  • In your dashboard, select “Forms” from the top menu.
  • Select “Manage Feedback” from the left side menu.
  • Under “Feedback Form” at the bottom of the page, click the “ADD” button to add a new feedback form.
  • Set up the form :

Name: The name you give to the form. This is how the form will be referred to in your WeStock dashboard

Form Title: The title that appears at the top of the feedback form. It is the large text at the top of the form.

Form Subtitle: The small text below the Form Title.

Anonymous: Check this box if you do not want to capture the respondent’s name and email address. These fields will not be displayed on the feedback form when the box is checked.

Active: When this box is checked, submissions will be accepted. If unchecked, no one will be able to submit the form. To remove the feedback form from your request form, simply set the form to “Deactivated”.

  • Click the “Add Question” button:
    • Question Text: Type the question you want to ask.
    • Placeholder Text: This is the text that appears in the response field before a response is typed.
  • To add an additional question, click “Add Question” and complete the Question Text and Placeholder Text fields.
  • When all of your questions have been added, click “Add Form” to save the form.
  • Now, the form will be listed under “Feedback Form”.
  • Create A Form Link [video] to share the form directly with your audience form using the Links Manager, or make it accessible on your product request form by setting it as your Default Feedback Form (instructions below).

Your Default Feedback Form

  • Your product request form automatically links to WeStock’s standard feedback form as your Default request form, so no action is necessary to activate your feedback form.

  • Selecting a Default feedback form will give shoppers making a product request the chance to submit feedback right from your product request form.

  • To add a Default feedback form to your request form :

    • Under “Feedback Form,” identify the feedback form you want to make available on your product request form.
    • Under the “Default” column, click “Select”.
    • You should now see the name of this form in the gray box under “Your Default Feedback Form”. There will now be a "Share Feedback" button on the bottom of your request form.
    • To remove the feedback form from your product request form:
      • Under “Feedback Form”, click the “Edit” button next to the form.
      • On the “Edit Feedback Form” menu, uncheck the “Active” box.
      • Click “Save Form” at the bottom of the menu.
      • The “Share Feedback” button will no longer be shown at the bottom of your product request form.

To review customer responses to your feedback form, follow our guide to

Access Feedback Responses.

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