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Check out our video guide to sharing your request form link with the video below.

The key to capturing product requests is to share your request form in as many places as possible. Giving your customers (and potential customers) the opportunity to engage with the form on multiple platforms and at various stages of their journey increases the likelihood they will make a request.

Grab Your Request Form Links :

Website :

  • We recommend displaying the request form link to your Store Locator page (or your homepage/high traffic page if there is no Store Locator), and in the header/footer menus on your site so it carries across each page.

Type Example

Store Locator Page

(Brand - Mayawell)

Home Page

(Brand - Plucky Pickle Dip)


(Brand - Ranch Rider Spirits)


(Brand - Ranch Rider Spirits


(Brand - Revival)

Store Locator Page

(Brand - Cosmic Bliss)

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